Urgent help needed! Stop NC lawmakers from removing autism from the Mental Healthy Parity Act

The North Carolina House is about to vote on SB 676. You can find the text and detailsĀ here. This bill, in its current form, would strip autism from its diagnosis as a mental disorder along with “substance-related disorders” and “sexual dysfunctions not due to organic disease”. Autism needs to be considered as mental illness diagnosed […]

Hey, Hi. I want off your parenting team.

Hey, Hi. I want off your parenting team. There is no one right way to parent. As parents, we should be showing more support and less judgement of other parents.

Hilarious article

Monkey Baby I did an observational study of rhesus macaques, which are known for baby stealing. One of the mothers at the site had twins and a higher ranking mother, upon seeing this, decided that she couldn’t be outdone and stole a baby so that she could have two as well. Reading this article brought […]