Picky Eater or Selective Eating Disorder? How to tell the difference in children and what to do to help.

Most children go through a period of picky eating once they start to become more mobile. This stage of selective eating is thought to have evolved as a mechanism to keep children safe as they explore their surroundings and gain more distance from caretakers who previously handpicked all food. Many children naturally outgrow this stage […]

Why My Autistic Son Has Blown Away The Ages & Stages.

We had the boys’ 3 year check up this month, where we filled out the Ages and Stages Questionnaire. If you aren’t familiar with this, it’s a way to measure a child’s progress in order to see if there are any delays. I’ve attached a picture of his most recent scores today:       […]

In our house autism can be all three – a disability, a difference AND a superpower, often all at the same time.

This is a great article which sums up my feelings on autism and how it effects our family. Autism is my son’s disability, difference, and superpower. Sometimes all in the same moment! It confers great benefits and challenges. When I speak up to help raise the voices of autistic people who do not want a […]