In our house autism can be all three – a disability, a difference AND a superpower, often all at the same time.

This is a great article which sums up my feelings on autism and how it effects our family. Autism is my son’s disability, difference, and superpower. Sometimes all in the same moment! It confers great benefits and challenges. When I speak up to help raise the voices of autistic people who do not want a […]

Why You’re Probably Thinking of Autism Wrong

In this post, you’ll see why I didn’t become an artist. I feel this subject is too important and too difficult to explain only in text to avoid drawing it out, so please forgive my terrible¬†drawings. Why You’re Probably Thinking of Autism Wrong When most people first learn about autism, they imagine it like this: […]

The connections in autistic brains are idiosyncratic and individualized — Each autistics’ brain is distinct; non-autistics’ brains are remarkably uniform

You’ll often hear, those of us involved with autism say, “If you’ve met one child with autism, you’ve met one child with autism,” but never before have I seen a study that so accurately captures what we have observed. Autistic brains, in contrast, were all different. Each had regions of high and low connectivity, and […]