Picky Eater or Selective Eating Disorder? How to tell the difference in children and what to do to help.

Most children go through a period of picky eating once they start to become more mobile. This stage of selective eating is thought to have evolved as a mechanism to keep children safe as they explore their surroundings and gain more distance from caretakers who previously handpicked all food. Many children naturally outgrow this stage […]

Taste-safe Bugs and Worms in Mud! Fun Sensory Play

  It’s January, the boys have been sick with tummy bugs, and I’ve been having cabin fever, which means I try out a bunch of different crafts! I combined two of our favorites into this one, which is an awesome craft that you can stretch it out for hours. It’s sensory-friendly, taste-safe, and can easily be […]

25 Books For Christmas – The Thrifty and Environmentally-friendly way to do it!

  As a huge book lover, I adored the idea of 25 books for Christmas as a way to make the season magical and increase interest in books. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, you can use it for other holiday celebrations or just do it for the month of December (31 books). At the same […]

Skill-Building Toys For Toddlers

Pin for later here. While I’ve always been interested in toys that were educational as well as fun, having a developmentally delayed autistic child has spurred my interest in finding toys that help my both of children build necessary skills. Unfortunately, a lot of the general toy lists I’ve seen online suggest items which can […]

Teaching Toddlers How To Play Nicely With Pets

  I thought I had a good grasp on parenting before we adopted our cat, Tardis. The boys love Tardis   and Tardis loves the boys in return.   Which turned out to be a bit of a problem because Tardis always wanted to be around the boys and play with them and would keep […]