Teething biscuits

My friend, Katie, posted a link to homemade teething biscuits on one of my mommy forums and it remains, to this day, the fastest spreading item. Her original post was lost in the Great Facebook Purge, and a search of ‘homemade teething biscuits’ brings up many similar ones, but not the original one I remember. Through trial and error, I’ve modified the recipe considerably, especially after one mother reported nearly setting her microwave on fire.


  • Any type of Bread
  • Fruit spread (I prefer bananas or applesauce)
  • Seasoning (I prefer cinnamon)


2013-09-21 17.49.44

Peel the crust off the sliced bread and roll it out. You can squish it with your fingers if you don’t have a rolling pin.

2013-09-21 17.52.56

Spread fruit on the bread. I’m using applesauce. The original recipe said that you could use any fruit blend, but another mom made the good point that fruits you’d typically add to baked bread tend to work better.

2013-09-21 17.55.27

Add some seasoning. No reason babies have to eat bland food.

2013-09-21 17.59.05

Slice the bread in half and roll into little logs. You don’t need to do this stuff, but my babies enjoyed the teething sticks more when they were thin and easier for little hands to grasp.

2013-09-21 18.02.42

Slice off the ends.

2013-09-21 18.04.11

Arrange seam down on microwave safe plate. Now comes the tricky part. How long you microwave depends on your microwave and the amount of filling. More fruit = longer microwave times. Start with 15 seconds and see what happens. My microwave generally works best with 35 seconds, unless I’ve added a ton of fruit. I’ve also found that they harden quicker without burning if I let them cool a little bit between turns in the microwave.

2013-09-21 18.05.53

After you microwave it for the short amount of time, pause to press the sticks back together. I like to use a knife to help with this. If they are starting to get hard, that’s a good sign. If they aren’t, increase the power by 5 seconds until you find a time that works for you.

2013-09-21 18.56.13

Finished product! As you can see, I didn’t put as much fruit on one compared to the other and it burned. They don’t look appetizing, but our babies loved them, especially after they’d been in the freezer for at least a day. They don’t ever fully freeze, so you can make them in huge batches and pop them out as needed.